Dry Spell

I neglected the log for a few days this week as nothing has taken place that I’d regret not having a record of. I’ve had a few entries typed that I did at work but I haven’t had my laptop on in the house for a while. I worked a couple days, except Wednesday. I watched one movie, American Splendor. I won a laptop on eBay rather unexpectedly yesterday, as I put in a rather low bid. It’s a Sony Vaio SRX77. I’ve been interested in getting one for quite some time but when I bought my laptop around Christmas time they were getting a lot more money at auction. I got to work rather early this Thursday at 8:30. There was a boatload of reports to do, which I didn’t even finish. I haven’t been so busy in a while. I didn’t play a single game of FreeCell today. Dad came back to the office after six to go home. A cousin I hadn’t met was is in town this week from her home in Iowa. The family went over to Dionne and Larry’s in Metairie to meet her this evening, after we stopped at Liuzza’s for dinner. We visited for a couple hours and left to go home around nine thirty. Later in the evening I watched a few episodes of the Simpsons on DVD. I’ve never really seen the show before.

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