June 2005

A Day Off Yet

Since I finished what little work I would have had yesterday, I didn’t need to go to work today, and didn’t . I spent a good part of the day watching TV. I ordered a laptop on eBay similar to mine that was broken. It came in the mail this afternoon so I dissected it in front of the television. I spent a few hours with it and didn’t really accomplish anything. I did some laundry and whatnot but laziness was the order of the day.

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Working Wednesday

Unlike the last few Wednesdays, I went to work today. Dad and I first went to the Mid City office for a few hours. I cleaned the hot pack heater and vacuumed, but I spent more time not doing anything. We went to the east office after two o’clock. There were three initial reports but again I wasn’t busy for long the very reason I usually don’t work on Wednesdays. We were at the east office until around six. By then it had been raining for a little bit. I didn’t do much of anything this evening outside of watching some Six Feet Under episodes.

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Hornets Draft Party

I went to work with dad in no particular hurry this morning. We arrived just before 11. There were no more than two reports to do today and I got that done rather quickly. I left my wallet at home today, which was rather irritating as I was unable to get lunch. Doc arrived with burgers and fries for everyone before two o’clock so things worked out fine on that front. Aside from the one report, I had very little to do today so I caught up on filing the settled cases. We left for the day around five and went to the Arena. Dad received a “VIP” invitation to the Hornets Draft Party this evening. It was basically a little free event, unless you were hungry. We were in the Marriot supersuite. It’s a nice, large area but it was far too crowded there was free food for the patient. We left about a half hour after the Hornets, who picked fourth, made their first round selection, Chris Paul. The evening was entirely uneventful.

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Burnt Out Wiring

Dad and I arrived at ‘work’ around 10:30. In large part, I was there just for the sake of being there. There was a construction crew tearing up the sidewalk in front of the building for some sort of drainage project. I spent most of the afternoon regretting not having more games and music on my laptop. I did vacuum and take out the trash a couple times. Eventually some dictation made its way to my hands and I checked some bills. For the third time, there was water dripping from the ceiling into the waiting room, which was especially annoying since I only recently replaced the ceiling tiles at the same place. This time I went upstairs to determine the cause, a broken toilet, which I wasn’t really able to fix although I got it to stop running, at least until someone else fools with it. At one point in the afternoon we heard a rumbling sound, which I feared might be a water pipe about to explode, but it was actually a jackhammer outside pounding at concrete. My imagination tends to get more colorful right after I ‘fix’ something. Dad and I left the office at 4:30. When we got home it was rather hot inside, the air conditioner wasn’t working. A repairman came by before eight this evening and replaced some burnt out wiring responsible for the problem. It was nice for it to be such a simple and easily fixable problem. I watched some Six Feet Under episodes this evening.

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I didn’t go to church today as I was rather tired, having lost sleep after being woken up by the suitcase-nuke thunderstorm we had last night. I spent the afternoon wasting my time with some tried and true methods. In the evening I went to the store with Dad and Jeff to get some things I needed and some things I really didn’t. Before it got too late, I cooked some seasonings for tomorrow’s dinner. I spoke with Ami on the phone for a while late this evening. It had been around a month since we talked at length.

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600th Post

Today was especially lazy. I got up around 11. Nobody else was home for some reason. I made myself an omlette around noon when could have been better because I forgot about it briefly while it was cooking. I spent the afternoon watching Six Feet Under episodes and taking apart my laptop to consider the possibility of some upgrades. I made a pinpoint-sized nick in the screen, which I’m pretty mad at myself about. I was up later than I needed to be. Oh, this is the 600th post to my log.

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Dad and I arrived at work for 9:30 this morning. I wasn’t busy most of the day, actually I was pretty bored most of the afternoon. The nurses and I ordered lunch from some place a former patient works at. I doubt they get many repeat customers. I believe we finally left around 4:30, late for a Friday. When I got home I found the CD I ordered arrived, Orlando Cachaito Lopez’s first, self-titled album (kash-high-ee-toe). I heard one of his songs in the Six Feet Under soundtrack and decided to get it. I very rarely buy CDs, and it’s even rarer for me to be pleased with my purchase, but this is one of those times. I spent most of the evening playing Elite Force, with one notable interruption. I got a phone call from Jessica this evening, which was a surprising as it was pleasant. We last spoke briefly the Saturday before Mardi Gras, about three months ago. We had a nice little conversation, mostly about what we’ve been doing lately. I think I got to bed around one.

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Dad and I arrived at the office for 9:30 this morning. I updated the books as soon as I arrived, before Dad left to go to the east office. There were three reports to do which I completed within a few hours, spacing out the work to better fill the day. I got lunch at 11. I was pretty much done by three. We left the office around 6:30. Mom made spaghetti for dinner. I burned the evening browsing ebay.

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Six Feet Under

I was home all day today as I didn’t have to work. I did some laundry today but I was largely unoccupied and played video games. We had left over red beans for dinner. I watched seven episodes of Six Feet Under this evening, which is just a bit shameful.

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The Agony of Defeat

Dad and I left for work rather late today. Although I was well out of bed before nine, we didn’t leave until noon. I had some bills to check and there was some dictation left over from yesterday, but I was largely done with that by two o’clock. I was largely unoccupied the rest of the afternoon. We left the office after six. Tulane played Baylor today in a College World Series elimination game. Tulane jumped to a 7-0 lead but fell apart late in the game. Baylor scored three in the bottom of the ninth to win, ending Tulane’s baseball season. I was nothing short of disgusting. Later in the evening I watched some Six Feet Under episodes from the season 1 DVDs. I just started watching the show after the soundtrack peaked my curiosity. It’s a really good show, little surprise considering the venue.

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“Texas Holds 'Em”

Dad and I arrived at work at 10 this morning. I had several reports to do today, I didn’t quite finish them all. We left the office at quarter to five in order to be home in time to see Tulane play Texan in the College World Series on ESPN. We had red beans for dinner. The baseball game didn’t go so well. Texas had some superb pitching while Tulane’s Bogusevic looked sub-par again. Tulane also made some mental errors and got majorly screwed in the sixth when they managed to load the bases. On a full count, a ball at least a foot outside the plate that would have walked in a run was called a strike. Texas won 5-0, bumping Tulane into the loser’s bracket. They’ll play Baylor in an elimination game tomorrow. The rest of the evening was largely uneventful. I played Elite Force for a good while and talked to Khadijah on the phone before getting to bed around one thirty.

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Grandma came over to the house this afternoon after church. I didn’t do too much today outside of washing my car. Mom made lemon chicken for dinner, which was actually rather good.

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Tulane 3, Oregon St. 1

I got up at ten this morning, although I was still early enough for breakfast, oddly enough. Tulane played their first game in the College World Series versus Oregon State at one this afternoon. Oregon, who was up to bat first, scored one run in the first, a lead that held for quite some time. The game was quite the pitcher’s duel. Owings had another fine showing today allowing just four hits and one run in seven innings. Oregon pitcher Jonah Nickerson also performed rather well. Oregon State loaded the bases in the sixth. With two outs, Oregon’s Cole Gillespie hit a line drive into the right center field gap, but Brian Bogusevic made a falling circus catch, saving at least two runs and retiring the side. The score remained 1-0 until the bottom of the seventh. Tulane managed to get two base runners on. With two outs, Scott Madden, who’d been sitting on the bench for seven innings, came up as a pinch hitter. He is the only player remaining from the 2001 Tulane team that appeared at the CWS. Madden hit a double to right center field for two RBI and the lead. On the first pitch in the bottom of the eight, Nathan Southard hit a home run for some insurance and extending his hitting streak to 21 games. Four up, three down in the top of the ninth and that was the ballgame. It was certainly a great win but there was no excessive jubilation on the field as they have much work to do. After the game I spend some time cleaning my room, something I haven’t done thoroughly in a couple weeks. Mom and Dad went out to dinner this evening. I had a pizza delivered and watched Bulletproof Monk, which was just as pathetic as I was expecting. Later in the evening I finished watching Magnolia, the 750th movie I’ve ever seen, and one of the more interesting, if cryptic movies I’ve ever seen.

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I went to work for 9:30 this morning. There was a little dictation left from yesterday that I took care of without much trouble. There was more that I finally took care of by the afternoon. I was occupied a good half of the day. I cooked dinner tonight for the 1st time in what seems like a while. Later in the evening I watched the better part of Magnolia. I got too tired to finish, it’s three hours long.

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