Burnt Out Wiring

Dad and I arrived at ‘work’ around 10:30. In large part, I was there just for the sake of being there. There was a construction crew tearing up the sidewalk in front of the building for some sort of drainage project. I spent most of the afternoon regretting not having more games and music on my laptop. I did vacuum and take out the trash a couple times. Eventually some dictation made its way to my hands and I checked some bills. For the third time, there was water dripping from the ceiling into the waiting room, which was especially annoying since I only recently replaced the ceiling tiles at the same place. This time I went upstairs to determine the cause, a broken toilet, which I wasn’t really able to fix although I got it to stop running, at least until someone else fools with it. At one point in the afternoon we heard a rumbling sound, which I feared might be a water pipe about to explode, but it was actually a jackhammer outside pounding at concrete. My imagination tends to get more colorful right after I ‘fix’ something. Dad and I left the office at 4:30. When we got home it was rather hot inside, the air conditioner wasn’t working. A repairman came by before eight this evening and replaced some burnt out wiring responsible for the problem. It was nice for it to be such a simple and easily fixable problem. I watched some Six Feet Under episodes this evening.

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