“Texas Holds 'Em”

Dad and I arrived at work at 10 this morning. I had several reports to do today, I didn’t quite finish them all. We left the office at quarter to five in order to be home in time to see Tulane play Texan in the College World Series on ESPN. We had red beans for dinner. The baseball game didn’t go so well. Texas had some superb pitching while Tulane’s Bogusevic looked sub-par again. Tulane also made some mental errors and got majorly screwed in the sixth when they managed to load the bases. On a full count, a ball at least a foot outside the plate that would have walked in a run was called a strike. Texas won 5-0, bumping Tulane into the loser’s bracket. They’ll play Baylor in an elimination game tomorrow. The rest of the evening was largely uneventful. I played Elite Force for a good while and talked to Khadijah on the phone before getting to bed around one thirty.

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