Hornets Draft Party

I went to work with dad in no particular hurry this morning. We arrived just before 11. There were no more than two reports to do today and I got that done rather quickly. I left my wallet at home today, which was rather irritating as I was unable to get lunch. Doc arrived with burgers and fries for everyone before two o’clock so things worked out fine on that front. Aside from the one report, I had very little to do today so I caught up on filing the settled cases. We left for the day around five and went to the Arena. Dad received a “VIP” invitation to the Hornets Draft Party this evening. It was basically a little free event, unless you were hungry. We were in the Marriot supersuite. It’s a nice, large area but it was far too crowded there was free food for the patient. We left about a half hour after the Hornets, who picked fourth, made their first round selection, Chris Paul. The evening was entirely uneventful.

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