January 2004

Yes Another Exciting Monday

Back to work. I ran a cash register in the afternoon because a coworker had to leave early. The day passed rather smoothly. I did some magazine returns between customers. After close, Renee spent almost an hour trying to balance my register. I failed to process a voided sale, making the register some $70 short. LEaving as late as I did, I was able to get a ride home from my dad. We had the red beans for dinner that had been prepared yesterday. I started watching “Memento” in the evening but only got halfway through it. Before bed I watched “Antwone Fisher,” a rather impressive movie.

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Well uh, I Went to the Hardware Store

Today was kinda dull. A while after church, me and my mom went to the hardware store to buy a rake for my grandmother. We found it quickly but browsed the store for a short while. I ended up buying an RCA audio pistol cable so I can connect several devices to my stereo at one time. That was the extent of the day's excitment.

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The Movies, the Steak, and the Skates

This afternoon I and a few friends went to see “Paycheck.” It was a decent movie with an acceptable ending. Amy and two others I hadn't met came along in a separate car. I really didn't see much of them over the course of the evening. After the movie they left us for a while and I, Shani, and Jessica went to dinner. We were going to go to Chili's but there was a wait and the food there is fine but not worth the delay so we went to Chevy's. I made the mistake of ordering steak from a restaurant other than Ruth's Chris. The steak was ok but there wasn't a single side dish I would eat. After dinner we drove over to Skate Country and met the 'other people.' I had to temporarily surrender my Swiss army knife to get past the metal detector. I hadn't been roller rink since 5th grade so it brought back some memories. I used to ice skate rather often so I wasn't expecting any difficulty. After a few minutes I got my balance was fine for the rest of the evening. I'm proud to say I didn't fall on my ass even once. However, I'm ashamed at how out-of-shape I am. Skating is a lot more exercise than it is fun, even with the female company. I wasn't expecting to be out late but we stayed until the place closed at 11, after which we went home.

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Rush Breezes By

I'm afreaid I've neglected posting again. Suffice it to say, the week has passed without signifigant incident. Some book shipmentss arrived late which disenchanted some customers. However, we stayed on top of shipments and stocked things promptly. At home, I'm continuing to fill my new hard drive with new stuff.

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Rush Begins

The store was quite busy today as classes are starting and people are buying textbooks. I worked the register all day. Between customers I labeled and shelved some supplies. The store was open until five today. I got a ride home, but my dad had to wait a while because of problems balancing the registers. My new 200GB hard drive came today so I installed that with no more difficulty than I could handle.

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brother left town – update to come

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Lawnwork, Dinner and Movies

I was on my computer part of the morning burning CDs. A bit later I did some lawn work and chores. I didn't quite get through “Cinema Paradiso” last night so I finished watching it. I went to Copeland's for dinner with the family this evening, although I had casual plans for the movies. I watched “Finding Nemo” this evening, a sufficently amusing film. I'll probably watch another movie before morning.

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Back to Work, If Only For a Short While

I was back at work today as the holiday season is finally over. The building was only partially open so traffic was light today. There was still plenty to do though. The store's mail piled up over the holidays so we had numerous shipments of textbooks to process and shelve. We had planned on staying a couple of hours late to get it all done so we ordered dinner. However, we worked fast and went through everything at least a half hour before close. We still had the food though so I stayed a few minutes late to get some pizza. I watched some movies this evening. My first Netflix DVDs arrived today, so I watched two of the three: “On the Waterfront” and Cinema Paradiso.” I currently have a free trial but I think it would probably be well worth the price to keep it.

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New Year's Day

I woke up at my Grandma's for the last day of out visit. For the most part I just tryed to find things to do. I watched some of the bowl games, played video games, drew pictures, amateurishly maneuvered a gas-powered RC car. They prepared the traditional black eyed peas and cabbage. We also had plenty of leftovers from last night. John gave me a pair of shoes he got as a goft that didn't fit…kinda dumb to give shoes as a gift if you ask me. When I got home I burned some backup DVDs, breaking in my new burner.

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Happy New Year!

I spent New Year's Eve with some aunts, uncles, and my grandma in Metarie. The day was pretty uneventful until the evening. I just sat around, watched a movie, listened to music, etc. There was plenty to eat as always, and as always, I stuffed myself. Some people at the house, including my brothers and cousin had a great time setting off fireworks in front of the house from dusk until after midnight. It was quite a sight to see when the clock struck twelve. I'd never seen or heard so many fireworks in my life. You could say it was a multi-layered spectacle. First there were the fireworks we were setting off. Uncle Larry had a few boxes of all kinds, but we were put to shame by some neighbors behind us who must have had $1,000 worth. I think they were setting off dynamite or something similar as well. There was a big, loud “boom” every so often. An incredible light display could be seen in every direction. The whole neighborhood was lit up. It was pretty amusing as well, since fireworks are illegal in Jefferson parish. Behind all the light you could hear the ambient background noise of several thousand little explosions per minute. Things died down after a half hour, but our neighbors didn't call it a night until about 1:30.

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