January 2004

The Lord of the Rings: ROTK

The store was rather dead today, not much to do. I work the register on Friday, and it came up short again….keeping me at the store longer than I'd have liked. Me and my brother went to the movies in the evening. We saw “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.” I don't have much interest in the trilogy so the movie didn't amount to much more than an over-long spectacle, albeit A very well done over-long spectacle.

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Almost Friday

Not much to speak of today. We got several boxes of clothes in from uptown so I spent some time trying to find space. The store manager was in today, his first appearance in over a month. I tried the vermicelli at lunch today. It's decent but it would be better if it wasn't cold. My brother came into town for the weekend. I watched “The Straight Story” in the evening.

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Spiral Notebooks and Middle-Eastern Food

The uptown bookstore needed was out of spiral notebooks so I shipped all of our overstock to them, along with some other things. That took up most of the day, as there were 17 boxes. The regional manager was in the store today. She said she met with people from the medical school who had some rather harsh things to say about the store. I was pretty surprised that anyone would think service in the store was as hideous and she described. I didn't eat much for lunch as I was to eat with a friend after work. Shani and I went to Mona's Cafe on her suggestion. It's a small middle-eastern restaurant at the end of the French Quarter. The food was ok but I didn't really care for it. I had a catfish dish with a salad and humus. Late in the evening I watched Hitchcock's “Frenzy.”

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Cooler Weather, Printer Arrived

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Painless Monday

The workday passed rather quickly today. Before lunch, I boxed up some clothes to send to our sister store. I went to lunch with a coworker. I walked with her to the bank afterwards. After lunch I shelved some books and left for home. It was raining and I got a little damp. In the evening I did some housekeeping stuff on the computer, backed up some files to DVD.

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New Orleans Voodoo Fanfest

This afternoon I went with my dad and little brother to the New Orleans Voodoo Fanfest, a promotional event for an arena football team new to town. The event was free an open to the public. It was a decent way to introduce the AFL to New Orleans. Fans got to meet the players and cheerleaders, dubbed the 'Voodoo Dolls.' The head coach and players were on the field for a while explaining the rules of the game and taking questions. Most of the rules match the NFL's regulations, although there are some differences to make it more interesting and to accommodate the smaller playing field, about the size of a hockey rink. After a while the audience was allowed on the field to mingle with the players and get autographs and such. The pictures I took at the event can be viewed here.

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Another Slow Friday

Traffic through the store was pretty mild today, although we did get some people in around lunch time. I rana register today, and didn't do much else. The mail didn't really provide much to do aside from unpacking some printer cartridges. I was able to leave the store at a reasonable time. My parents went out to dinner this evening so it was quiet at home. I watched an old movie called “The Hustler” and some Star Trek episodes.

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Packing and Unpacking Stuff

I had some tasks lined up at work today but they didn't keep me busy as long as I thought they would. I returned about 100 magazines and boxed up some clothes for the uptown store but that was all done in a hour so I muddles around until lunch. Catfish special…again…it's good. The mail came after I returned. We had 112 copies of a textbook come in so I unboxed and shelved that by myself, and then left for the day. I watched “X2” this evening, half decent movie. I'll probably finish watching “Requiem for A Dream” this evening.

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CYE DVDs Came In

I had enough to do at work to keep occupied until 3 when I left. I took a long lunch with Ann and got a Tulane ID card. Renee gave me come color printer cartridges because they couldn't be sold for some reason. I found a nice HP printer for them on ebay for $20 so I bought it. The carts cost more than I paid for the HP 840c for I guess it should work out ok. The model is a couple years old but it still prints nice color pages, maybe decent photo prints. I ordered the 1st season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on DVD, that came in the mail today so I watched some of that in the evening.

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Removing the Christmas Stuff

Today at work I took down a display of Christmas giftwrap and wrapping stuff. I remember thinking that none of it would sell when I assembled the display and I was right. Later in the afternoon I helped shelve the books that came in today. I stopped at the mall before going home to buy some jeans. This evening I watched the president's state of the union address. It was a decent speech. It's always amusing to watch one half of the audience give standing ovations while the other groans in their seats.

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Working Elsewhere

The bookstore was closed today for Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. I went to work at my dad's office instead. I just did some add jobs including filing and cleaning up. I was there all day and I didn't have that much to do so I had to 'pace myself.'

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Dinner at Chili's

The work week passed without incident, combined with apathy prevented me from posting this past week. Saturday was especially dull. We didn't go to church this Sunday as he was ill. Four of my friends (one in town for the 3-day weekend), stopped by the house to visit. There really wasn't anything to do and the conversation wasn't much to speak of so we went out for dinner. We went to Chili's, the same place we intended to go last time. I just got the house hamburger, which was good, but filling. We just went home after dinner and that was my evening.

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Update to come

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Looking at Paper, Writing Down Numbers

My routine of scrounging for things to do was interrupted my a little favor for Ann, one of my coworkers who handles accounting for the store. After making some copies I offered assistance for whatever and she asked me to write some things down that the store manager needed, basically a summary of all the store's bank deposits in the last two months. Like most audit-related inquiries, it was frivolous. I was more than willing to help, as a change of pace was welcome and Ann has far more pressing things to do. That task was reasonable uninterrupted throughout the day. Ann and I went to lunch together at about 2:30, pretty late for me. I didn't do much after lunch. I was only about half-done with my task so I will finish tomorrow. I had planned on starting college Wednesday but I guess I never really followed through on that so I will begin next fall. I will find more work, or perhaps a better job in the interim. I can use the time to make more money and prepare adequately. It's shameful procrastination on my part but I believe things will work out fine.

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