The Movies, the Steak, and the Skates

This afternoon I and a few friends went to see “Paycheck.” It was a decent movie with an acceptable ending. Amy and two others I hadn't met came along in a separate car. I really didn't see much of them over the course of the evening. After the movie they left us for a while and I, Shani, and Jessica went to dinner. We were going to go to Chili's but there was a wait and the food there is fine but not worth the delay so we went to Chevy's. I made the mistake of ordering steak from a restaurant other than Ruth's Chris. The steak was ok but there wasn't a single side dish I would eat. After dinner we drove over to Skate Country and met the 'other people.' I had to temporarily surrender my Swiss army knife to get past the metal detector. I hadn't been roller rink since 5th grade so it brought back some memories. I used to ice skate rather often so I wasn't expecting any difficulty. After a few minutes I got my balance was fine for the rest of the evening. I'm proud to say I didn't fall on my ass even once. However, I'm ashamed at how out-of-shape I am. Skating is a lot more exercise than it is fun, even with the female company. I wasn't expecting to be out late but we stayed until the place closed at 11, after which we went home.

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