Happy New Year!

I spent New Year's Eve with some aunts, uncles, and my grandma in Metarie. The day was pretty uneventful until the evening. I just sat around, watched a movie, listened to music, etc. There was plenty to eat as always, and as always, I stuffed myself. Some people at the house, including my brothers and cousin had a great time setting off fireworks in front of the house from dusk until after midnight. It was quite a sight to see when the clock struck twelve. I'd never seen or heard so many fireworks in my life. You could say it was a multi-layered spectacle. First there were the fireworks we were setting off. Uncle Larry had a few boxes of all kinds, but we were put to shame by some neighbors behind us who must have had $1,000 worth. I think they were setting off dynamite or something similar as well. There was a big, loud “boom” every so often. An incredible light display could be seen in every direction. The whole neighborhood was lit up. It was pretty amusing as well, since fireworks are illegal in Jefferson parish. Behind all the light you could hear the ambient background noise of several thousand little explosions per minute. Things died down after a half hour, but our neighbors didn't call it a night until about 1:30.

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