July 2010


With the exception of work, my free time last week was largely devoted to finishing things up on the latest design of my website.  Much of the work was one the week prior but there was still a lot of polish remaining.  I originally intended to launch the site on August 1 but I was satisfied with the final product a week early and uploaded the new site this past Sunday.  I am quite fond of the end result but I have not received much feedback so I don’t know if the feeling is largely mutual.

With the website done, I turned my attention elsewhere to fill time.  I did some shopping and bought a new motherboard, CPU and RAM to upgrade my desktop PC which hasn’t had a major makeover in about three years.  I will be upgrading from an Athlon 64 system to an Intel Core i5 Lynnfield on a P55 motherboard.    I am keeping  my Antec P180 case, Seasonic PSU and hard drives.  In addition to the hardware upgrades, I will be making some small modifications to the inside of the case so I can route wires behind the motherboard.

This afternoon, I had lunch with Ireal, a friend from ballroom I haven’t seen in several months.  We ate an Mandina’s, one of the better places near the office.   I wasn’t expecting it to be a very long lunch but we apparently had more than enough to talk about.  We arrived for one o’clock and the lunch crowd was long gone by the time we left.  In the course of our conversation, Angelo Brocato came up so we went over there for some ice cream.  Like Mandina’s, Ireal had never been here before either.  At quarter past four, I parted ways with Ireal and finally went back to the office.

This evening, I practiced the case modification I will be performing this weekend on a spare case.  For the most part, I didn’t have any problems although it was good to have the prior experience which should minimize the likelihood of any mistakes.

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During these last couple weeks, I’ve seen a lot less work than I usually do. There have been several days Dad and I have skipped work or arrived late to catch World Cup games. I’m not a “football” person but it has been an interesting tournament. I can’t say the final between Spain and the Netherlands was particularly compelling, however.

Last Tuesday, I took the evening off to have dinner with Andrey and several friends. He moved to Dallas last week for a new job. We had dinner at Vizard’s restaurant, Patrick’s dad’s place. It’s a pricey restaurant but the food was excellent. While we were there, Andrey presented each of us a parting gift, model cars he’s collected over the years. After we finished eating and the kitchen closed. We all sat at the bar for a while and chatted with Patrick’s dad Kevin. We all left for the evening sometime after 11. Andrey had to be early the next two days so we didn’t go anywhere after dinner. David offered me a ride home.

Designing a new iteration of Mr. B’s Domain has occupied most of my free time these last couple weeks. I saw a blog a couple weeks ago with a bold black and white layout I wanted to emulate. I soon decided at least a little color was necessary. I have chosen purple as the accent color this time. Blue was too easy.

At present, much of the work is done. I have installed WordPress which will most likely be used for “The Log” in the future. The content pages are nearly ready but I have not yet started work on upgrading the photo gallery which will be a pretty big job. I am hoping to have the new site online by August 1st.

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The Rest of June

Again, weeks have passed since my last entry and in the coming weeks I will be redefining the raison d’etre of “The Daily Log.” When I first started this feature I envisioned it lasting as long as my college graduation which recently occurred. I am currently working on the next iteration of my website and with it I will be changing up the log. Primarily, I will be removing the word “daily” from the name, something I should have done a long time ago. I will probably try to write recaps of my goings-on but the posting may go in another direction in the months to come, perhaps along the lines of a more traditional blog.

As for what I’ve been doing with myself over the last couple weeks, there are only a couple highlights outside of the usual work stuff. I saw a couple movies at the theater with Andrey, David and others recently including Get Him to the Greek, The Karate Kid and Knight and Day. On both occasions, David picked me up at the station after work and gave me a ride home after.

The Saturday before last, David and I went over to Andrey’s mom’s apartment in Metairie to help them move into a new house they bought. It was a small second floor apartment with no elevator so it wasn’t an ideal situation for carrying furniture but we managed fine. I got off a bit easy with the furniture lifting but the afternoon was easily the biggest workout I had in a while. Andrey didn’t get the biggest truck so several trips were involved. We’d only made two runs I think before I had to go to work at the station.

Work that evening was only slightly unusual. I am usually the lone PA on Saturdays because there isn’t enough work for two. For some reason, Greg scheduled Danielle to work so she prompted the show. I ended up rolling clips in George’s place. After work I was to meet back up with Andrey and David at some bar. They had one more truck load and Danielle was headed to Metairie and she agreed to give me a ride.

It didn’t take too long to unload the truck. With the day’s work out of the way, Andrey took us to a bar in Metairie owned by one of his mom’s neighbors. Drinking in Metairie was a first for me. The place located in a strip mall was featuring live music this evening. If anything, it was a different sort of place than what we usually see.

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