With the exception of work, my free time last week was largely devoted to finishing things up on the latest design of my website.  Much of the work was one the week prior but there was still a lot of polish remaining.  I originally intended to launch the site on August 1 but I was satisfied with the final product a week early and uploaded the new site this past Sunday.  I am quite fond of the end result but I have not received much feedback so I don’t know if the feeling is largely mutual.

With the website done, I turned my attention elsewhere to fill time.  I did some shopping and bought a new motherboard, CPU and RAM to upgrade my desktop PC which hasn’t had a major makeover in about three years.  I will be upgrading from an Athlon 64 system to an Intel Core i5 Lynnfield on a P55 motherboard.    I am keeping  my Antec P180 case, Seasonic PSU and hard drives.  In addition to the hardware upgrades, I will be making some small modifications to the inside of the case so I can route wires behind the motherboard.

This afternoon, I had lunch with Ireal, a friend from ballroom I haven’t seen in several months.  We ate an Mandina’s, one of the better places near the office.   I wasn’t expecting it to be a very long lunch but we apparently had more than enough to talk about.  We arrived for one o’clock and the lunch crowd was long gone by the time we left.  In the course of our conversation, Angelo Brocato came up so we went over there for some ice cream.  Like Mandina’s, Ireal had never been here before either.  At quarter past four, I parted ways with Ireal and finally went back to the office.

This evening, I practiced the case modification I will be performing this weekend on a spare case.  For the most part, I didn’t have any problems although it was good to have the prior experience which should minimize the likelihood of any mistakes.

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