The Rest of June

Again, weeks have passed since my last entry and in the coming weeks I will be redefining the raison d’etre of “The Daily Log.” When I first started this feature I envisioned it lasting as long as my college graduation which recently occurred. I am currently working on the next iteration of my website and with it I will be changing up the log. Primarily, I will be removing the word “daily” from the name, something I should have done a long time ago. I will probably try to write recaps of my goings-on but the posting may go in another direction in the months to come, perhaps along the lines of a more traditional blog.

As for what I’ve been doing with myself over the last couple weeks, there are only a couple highlights outside of the usual work stuff. I saw a couple movies at the theater with Andrey, David and others recently including Get Him to the Greek, The Karate Kid and Knight and Day. On both occasions, David picked me up at the station after work and gave me a ride home after.

The Saturday before last, David and I went over to Andrey’s mom’s apartment in Metairie to help them move into a new house they bought. It was a small second floor apartment with no elevator so it wasn’t an ideal situation for carrying furniture but we managed fine. I got off a bit easy with the furniture lifting but the afternoon was easily the biggest workout I had in a while. Andrey didn’t get the biggest truck so several trips were involved. We’d only made two runs I think before I had to go to work at the station.

Work that evening was only slightly unusual. I am usually the lone PA on Saturdays because there isn’t enough work for two. For some reason, Greg scheduled Danielle to work so she prompted the show. I ended up rolling clips in George’s place. After work I was to meet back up with Andrey and David at some bar. They had one more truck load and Danielle was headed to Metairie and she agreed to give me a ride.

It didn’t take too long to unload the truck. With the day’s work out of the way, Andrey took us to a bar in Metairie owned by one of his mom’s neighbors. Drinking in Metairie was a first for me. The place located in a strip mall was featuring live music this evening. If anything, it was a different sort of place than what we usually see.

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