A Few Movies

Having waited around in vain for several hours yesterday, I went out to the pool after I got up this morning around 11 to hang out for a while. There was no good scenery but I had an unread issue of the Atlantic magazine to work on for the next couple hours. I called Ami’s phone by request t one this afternoon to wake her. Around two we drove out to Tempe Marketplace. It’s arranged like an outdoor mall. She wanted to buy a multi card reader at Best Buy so we went there first. I didn’t buy anything but I got my first chance to handle the new Canon 7D which is a pretty cool camera. I think I would like my next body upgrade to be full frame though. I’m sure I could be swayed by a lower price in the future though on this new wonder crop camera.

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. The food was pretty decent. I had their version of a meat lover’s pizza. I wasn’t able to quite finish it. I believe Ami had the Hawaiian BBQ pizza which was also quite good. After lunch we wandered around, stopping in a few places. Ami eventually found a place with a large purse she liked and bought a hat as well.

Not long after that, we went to the movie theater there and saw Iron Man 2. A showing began right after we arrived at 4:30. The film itself was a passable action flick but I found it quite inferior to it’s predecessor. The storyline had the typical laziness of a cash-in that I personally find rather distracting. During the car race scene, I had to wonder nobody seemed to have a gun to shoot the shirtless bad guy standing in the middle of the race track causing all kinds of havoc. That said, it was still kind of fun to watch. I won’t be going out of my way to see it again, though.

As we were leaving the mall we saw a band, Traveler, was playing at a stage in a plaza area. We stuck around for a couple numbers before heading back to Ami’s place. We stuck around there for a couple hours before going over to Melissa’s apartment. While we waited I put a movie on, Lost in Translation. Shortly after nine, we drove out there. Melissa’s husband Jerry didn’t show up until a while after we got there. We watched The Hangover, a movie that I’d heard referenced more than once in the last few days. Most people I’ve heard mention it speak fondly. I wouldn’t call it cinematic genius but it was quite funny. I also finally got the jab about that “satchel” I heard about earlier.

Before we left, we were offered cheesecake and beer… quite a pairing. On the way home, we stopped by the Lone Butte Casino where Ami waits tables at the 24/7 café. She needed to fill out a vacation request for next week. It was nice to see where she works and I got to meet several of her coworkers including one the managers, Patty, whom Ami speaks fondly of. We ordered some food to take home as well.

When we got back, Ami put another movie on, Zomebieland… another comedy I apparently needed to see. Again, it had its moments. Before turning in I had a look at Ami’s yearbook. I had forgotten the letter I wrote in it years ago before mailing it to Payson, where she moved after we graduated. We finally went to bed around four.

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