Sky Harbor

Today was my last in Phoenix. I slept until almost two this afternoon after being up so late last night. I woke up Ami not long after that and got ready for the day. I did the bulk of my packing in the last two days. I also had the chance to do some laundry so I was returning with mostly clean clothes. At about three, Ami and I went out to the Chandler Fashion center for something to eat at the mall food court.I had the “hambrosia” sandwich from Steak Escape. I used to go to the one at the New Orleans Centre with some frequency before Katrina when Tulane had a small campus there.

After lunch, Ami and I wandered around for a while. Our last stop was Barnes and Noble. I bought a magazine to possibly read on the plane. After that she drove me out to the airport. I got there with plenty of time before my flight… even more than I first thought. After I got in the terminal I saw on the departure screens that my flight was delayed an hour. I now had about three hours to kill in the airport. I sat around for a little bit and then broke out my laptop. I talked to Ami online for a little while and checked my e-mail and that sort of thing. I haven’t made much use of the web in the last several days although Ami had access at her condo so I can’t say I was deprived or anything. Later I got a little something to eat and drink and one of the sit down restaurants in the terminal. I waited a good while for my food. Silly me thought I had to hurry up a bit and eat to be in line to board the plane.

After I finished I found the flight was delayed a further half hour. I bought a few keychains at a gift shop and spent the rest of my wait loitering around and snapping a few pictures. Boarding finally started around eight and wheels up was at about 8:15. The flight itself was fine but since we left so late there wasn’t much to see out the window. I spent a good portion of the flight typing up log entries for the last week. Like the trip to Phoenix, my new headphones made the flight much more bearable. We finally landed sometime after midnight. After picking up my checked bag I took a cab home and went to bed.

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