Mill Avenue

I woke up sometime after 10 this morning. I struggled to occupy myself until Ami finally woke up around three. Apparently that’s when she normally wakes up because she works a graveyard shift at a nearby casino. We left the house sometime after three. We had a late lunch at Arby’s, my first visit to one of their establishments… decent sandwiches. I think this was the day we stopped at Petsmart to pick up some things for her rats. Among them was a ball that rodents can walk around in. It proved to be the source of much amusement when we got home. Ami’s dog Aly didn’t know what to make of the ball that was moving around by itself. It was rather funny as, to quite Ami, Aly is a “big pussy.”

Later in the evening, we drove out to the Chandler Fashion Center to meet a few people for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Initially, we were to see a few of Ami’s friends there but that fell through. In addition to us were Ami’s mom Lucy, her boyfriend Jim, Ami’s sister Melissa and her husband Jerry as well as Jerry’s friend Max. Ami and I arrived first and every one else showed up not long after eight.

I think all of us had wings of one sort or another. Dinner passed quickly enough and Melissa Jerry and Max left. We had planned to see a movie or something with them but apparently Melissa had to work in the morning. Ami and I sat with Lucy and Jim and talked for quite a while before we all finally departed sometime after 10. Since we didn’t have anyone left in the group to do anything, Ami decided to show me Mill Avenue in Phoenix. There is a strip of bars and restaurants down this street near ASU. It’s a wide street which isn’t incredibly conducive for a pedestrian thoroughfare in my opinion but I guess they make it work. At the end of the line as it were are the Tempe river bridges. The monorail bridge is lit with changing multicolor lights which I did my best to photograph the Tempe Town Lake Light Rail Bridge. As we walked back down the other side of the street we stopped at Mojo frozen yogurt, apparently one of Ami’s favorite places. The elaborately decorated place has soft serve machines lined up where you fill a bowl with yogurt and toppings and pay by the ounce. We say for a while and then left. As we continued on our way we were approached by cordial gentleman collecting signatures to get someone on the ballot in a local election. He had to follow us a bit before Ami signed the petition. We spoke with the gentleman for a few minutes before continuing down the street. After we got back to the condo, Ami looked over all the pictures I have taken in the last few days and picked out the ones she wanted to keep and put on her computer. I put a movie on while she did that. I think we made it to bed before four this morning.

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