I am still a week behind on the log so I will be blowing past the last seven days. This week was Tulane’s spring break so I didn’t have my usual evening obligations on Thursday night. This week was the first of my new work schedule which has me at Fox 8 on Sunday through Wednesday with cut hours on weekends. I also worked at Fox Friday night because Monica was out of town this week. I was going to cover her Wednesday shift until I was assigned to work Wednesdays indefinitely.

Work almost entirely defined the last seven days. I haven’t done much else. I didn’t do anything special with my one free evening on Thursday. For the most part my shifts at the station passed without incident. A ‘rest of’ story I wrote for the nine o’clock show on Friday aired exactly as I wrote it.

Yesterday afternoon, Mom took Andrew and myself for a portrait session to have graduation pictures taken. I am graduating from Tulane in May and Andrew will be graduating from high school. Having us both take pictures at the same time economical and time saving. Our pictures were taken by an Algiers resident named Rusty Cowart who has a very small studio in his home. I was there back in 2003 to have my high school portrait taken. The session wasn’t too bad but the air conditioner in his house wasn’t working which made the place somewhat uncomfortable, especially while wearing a cap and gown.

Before work on Sunday, I went for a walk with Mom on the river levee. I took my camera and a lens case I bought recently to try out. I bought the case for the French Quarter Festival next weekend and this gave me a chance to find the most comfortable way to wear it. I bought a Lowepro model for the “slip lock” fastener that allows me to mount it on my belt. I tried a few different placements but didn’t find anything comfortable. I will probably end up wearing the case with a big camera strap.

A while after we got home from our walk, the family had a nice dinner. Jeff was in Baton Rouge over the weekend, however. We cooked a ham and had some side dishes usually seen only on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Later this evening, Dad gave me a ride to Fox 8 for seven. Like yesterday, I wasn’t around long enough to do a great deal before it was time to handle the broadcast. The news went smoothly enough. There wasn’t a great deal going on today. We led with a follow up to an abandoned hotel fire in Mid City yesterday night. NOFD needed the power cut off and the large area disconnected included the Mahalia Jackson Theater where a play was going on. The Final Play was fine until the last block. The show was mostly packages which should have made timing the show pretty easy. Somehow we were short at the start of the last block and one of the VO pages didn’t have a MOS slug and could not be played… a bit of an issue since they were baseball highlights.

After the show it took a good while to get the morning sports taping ready. I was finally able to leave at about 10:30. After I got home I talked to Krystle for a while before turning in for the night.

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