Smooth Sunday

For the first time in months I went to church this morning. Lately I’ve been up really late on Saturdays and been too lazy to bother dragging myself out of bed. I got a decent amount of sleep last night though so I got up at 10 and went to church with the family. Jeff was in town this weekend and he came along too.Work this evening was uneventful, for me at least. I think we sent a photographer to some crime scene but it didn’t amount to anything. The newscast went smoothly as did the Final Play show. The B and C blocks consisted of pre-taped interviews which made it pretty easy to stay on time.Prior to the news I exchanged some messages with Ami. Earlier in the year we discussed taking a trip to Las Vegas for our respective birthdays in the third week in May, just after my graduation ceremony. The current plan has me flying to Phoenix and possibly driving to Vegas afterward depending on her money situation. The only trouble with that time frame is I would be missing my brother Andrew and my friend Krystle’s graduation ceremonies.

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