My car which has been out in the street was tagged to be towed this morning. Before leaving for work, Dad jumped it and we pulled it into the driveway. I offered Andrew some money to wash it. With all the pollen falling off the trees it has gotten quite dirty lately. I am planning on just donating the car to Bridge House in the near future rather than deal with the hassle of selling it.

I had a little bit of work to do today but I was able to finish all of it and clear my desk by 1:30. I walked to Mandina’s for lunch this afternoon. I had the fried shrimp and catfish. The meal kept me full throughout the day.

The five o’clock news passed quietly for me. There wasn’t any drama with the scripts. Everything was done reasonably early. I didn’t see any appealing rest of stories to write. The nine and ten o’clock broadcasts seem to go smoothly.

Immediately following the ten, we were all able to catch the final seconds of the NCAA championship game. Baylor was inches away from a Hollywood ending with a final half court shot that bounced off the rim. Duke won what must have been a great game 61-59. That action delayed the morning sports taping a bit but it didn’t matter to me since I had a couple hours left in my shift.

Late this evening, my long streak of “quiet” nights came to an end. A cab driver was murdered off Gen. De Gaulle Drive in Algiers. This was the first time in exactly four months I have had to dispatch a photographer to a crime scene.

After I got home I watch the two hours of 24 that aired earlier this evening. Consequently I got to bed pretty late.

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