Profit Motive

Yet again, I’m a week behind on the log. That being the case I don’t remember much from this Monday. There is only one sticking point worthy of mention. One of the newsroom’s desk assistants is departing at the end of the week and her vacancy has altered the PA’s schedules including mine, for the worse.Currently, I work Saturday and Sunday from 5-10 PM and Monday and Tuesday from 4 to 12:30 AM. The new schedule has me also working Wednesdays from 4-10 PM, leaving me with only one free evening a week until school concludes. Since I am a part time employee and the station is unwilling to schedule me more than 29 hours a week, my hours on Saturday and Sunday have been cut to 7-10 PM. I take a cab home every night which costs more than the wages I will be earning on the weekends. Consequently I will be losing money to give up my weekends and provide a service. It really sucks that it would be easier on my wallet to stay home from work.I made this issue clear to my supervisor who had nothing to say about it except that I am the only person available to work both Saturday and Sunday. I was told this is a temporary arrangement until a new DA can be hired but I suspect this issue will persist longer than is tolerable.

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