Bad Test

After work I took the shuttle to campus for class this evening. We had an exam this evening. It consisted of four essay questions. We chose from four groups of three questions to answer. I was able to write solid essays about two of them but one was not very good and a fourth was very poor which screwed me. Even if did perfect on the three others I would be looking at about a 75% grade. Dad worked late this evening and picked me up from campus after I finished around 7:30. If I remember right I took the day off Friday. Mom had the day off too and was working on some professor’s law book that he’s been writing. She had me try to help her out with a footnotes issue but I don’t think Microsoft Word is capable of maintaining multiple sets of footnotes in the same document.I worked Saturday and Sunday, probably without incident since I don’t remember anything particularly noteworthy. After work on Saturday, I took a can to David’s house. He was hosting a little LAN party with Andrey, David and Patrick. They were all there when I arrived at about 10:30. After a good deal of hassle we played Rise of Nations. It was my first time playing the game which has a steep learning curve so I wasn’t very useful. Andrey had to go home around midnight and I stuck around for a couple hours before catching a cab home in front of the Boot.

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