Tuesday – Friday

I will be summarizing most of the previous week as I am behind and not feeling very motivated. I don’t remember much of circumstance from work on Tuesday. Work at the doctor’s office on Wednesday was fine. That evening I took Chander’s laptop home and replaced a malfunctioning LCD screen with a new one she bought.Earlier this week I won a Canon 40D camera on eBay and it arrived Wednesday. It was in very good shape although a bit dirty on the outside. I spend a good portion of the afternoon giving it a detailed cleaning. A toothbrush did wonders. I am not debating selling my 30D, and if not, taking both camera with me during Jazz Fest and possible French Quarter Festival.After work on Thursday I had history class. The entire class period was devoted to discussion, or rather lecture, on the Vietnam War. Class was dismissed around 7:30 which game me plenty of time to go to the Rat for something to eat before ballroom dancing this evening. Shortly after eight there was a music performance. Troy Davis played as part of the ongoing Jazz at the Rat series. I was there until about 8:50 when I walked to the Reily Center.There was a decent and gender even turnout tonight. The final four session of the semester will be split between two weeks of foxtrot and two weeks of waltz. The steps we learned tonight were easy enough. I did vaguely recall some of them from past semesters when we’ve done foxtrot. I took a cab home from Willow and McAlister after dancing. It took a while before one showed up.I took the day off Friday and got some laundry done. I watched a couple movies in the evening if I remember right.

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