Like a lot of Saturdays past, I slept in a good deal later than necessary. I spent most of my pre-work hours watching Olympic Curling on TV and browsing around online.At about 4:30, the family including myself piled in the car. I got dropped off at Fox and Mom, Dad and Andrew went to Aunt Dionne’s birthday party. Work was a bit busier than usual. We were following a couple shootings in the area. The script was all done well before airtime. The newscast went smoothly with the exception of the weather program. The weather computers were giving Nicondra a lot of trouble. She never got an extended forecast graphic on screen and the segment went about a minute over time. Andrea was able to kill enough stuff to save sports for Rob. Only one sports story got dropped at the end.I left thinking I might meet up with my folks after work at the birthday party but I couldn’t reach anyone by phone so I just took a cab home.

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