One More Entry for the Month

Yet again I am opening a log post apologizing for the dry spell. I think I will be renaming this feature to “The Log” soon.Nearly two weeks have passed since my last entry and there are a few events worth typing out but life has been reasonably quiet. Work has been reasonably uneventful. I wrote a couple rest-of stories last week but only one made air and it was heavily edited after the fact.A couple weekends ago I went out after work with Andrey and a couple others to go see From Paris with Love. It wasn’t a cinematic masterpiece but it was entertaining. Another night I went out with the same crowd again to a number of places around town. Yesterday I finally got my exam back in my military history class. I got a 74 which is rather pathetic. Later at nine was ballroom. Tonight was the first of four weeks of Jive. I haven’t felt as lost an inept since I first started ballroom. This week I decided to get a new phone with Wi-Fi. I don’t have or desire to pay for a data plan and with Wi-Fi almost everywhere I go I figured a phone with Wi-Fi would keep me happy. I bought a Blackberry Curve 8900 on eBay and quickly found that most of the apps require BIS to do anything online which renders Wi-Fi half useless. I sold the phone through craigslist today and bought a HTC Touch Pro 2, a windows mobile device.

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