Canada Wins Gold

I slept in late again today, but I was awake in plenty of time to catch the gold medal hockey match between the USA and Canada. I don’t have much interest in the Olympics but I do follow hockey and Olympic-level hockey is quite a spectacle, even on TV.For the most part, it did look like Canada outplayed the US, but the states certainly played hard. Ultimately, the United States managed to tie the game at two with 24 seconds remaining in the 3rd period. Canada scored a few minutes into the overtime period after a furious offensive.After the game, Dad gave me a ride to the station. I had to call in to announce my late arrival since I stayed home to watch the overtime. Things were reasonably quiet although there was a murder this evening. Both the news broadcast and the Final Play went pretty well. I called a cab home after running prompter for morning sports.

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