At Work

I thought I might go out this afternoon and meet up with Krystle who was planning on catching a parade but they didn’t make it downtown until I had to be at work. Jeff gave me a ride to WVUE. I gave him a little tour of the station when we arrived.I didn’t have much to do tonight either. I prompted the news and the Final Play show immediately following. Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson was on to talk about the Saints next season. At 10, I tried calling a cab with no luck. Nicondra agreed to give me a lift to town where I might be able to catch a cab. It’s was a long wait waiting for her friend to show up. Around 10:40 I was able to get United Cab on the phone and not long after one pulled up. Krystle was downtown until just a few minutes before that so I went straight home. Before bed I watched An Affair to Remember.

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