Hornets vs. Celtics

I took the day off today intent on studying for an upcoming exam tomorrow. I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have hoped though. I didn’t start reading anything until Rush Limbaugh’s show as over. Early in the afternoon, Mom called to say a professor she works with was trying to unload two tickets for tonight’s Hornets game versus the Boston Celtics.I accepted the tickets and eventually got someone to use the other ticket. I called a cab just before six to get to the arena but it was almost seven when one finally showed up so I was late in arriving. Andrey was waiting at the main gate when I arrived. There was a very healthy crowd there but we didn’t have any trouble walking around and finding our seats. The game was about eight minutes old when we took our seats. At the end of the first quarter, the Hornets led 29-27.The Hornets fell behind in the second. Chris Paul’s replacement Collison limped off the court at halftime but returned in the third apparently fine. Collison alone turned over the ball 10 times in the first two quarters. By halftime, the Celtics led 55-43. The Hornets battled back in the second half and the Celtics weren’t doing well in the free throw department. New Orleans won 95-83.Andrey wanted to catch a movie after the game so we walked back to his car which was parked at the post office and he called David and a couple others. We picked up David and headed out to Elmwood where Patrick and another friend of Andrey’s met us. We saw From Paris with Love, a Luc Besson produced movie featuring John Travolta and Jonathan Meyers. I couldn’t call it cinematic genius but it was a perfect entertaining action flick.We headed back uptown after the movie. Andrey dropped me off and I caught a waiting cab at the Boot. I probably stayed up for a while to watch TV before bed.

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