Military History Exam

I went to work at the doctor’s office this afternoon and took care of a couple discharge reports. I also got around to making some suggested changes to our initial examination form. At about four, Dad took me down Canal Street so I could catch the Tulane shuttle to campus. I did all the studying I could on the bus and in the classroom well before the exam started at about six.The exam consisted of five essay questions. We were able to select one question from five groups of three. For the most part, I was able to choose questions I had a reasonably firm grasp on the material. I’m not sure how well my answers will be received though. The professor said last week that an “A” answer would be laced with proper names and dates, which I’m not adept and remembering, even when I do study adequately. I did correctly answer the bonus question though.After class I caught the shuttle back to the Tidewater building. Dad worked late tonight and picked me up from there. Later this evening I watched The World’s Fastest Indian.

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