Saints Super Krewe

I went with Dad to the doctor’s office for a few hours this afternoon before heading to the station. Mom and a coworker arrived before we left. They were all going to the parade. When I arrived, we just started our coverage of the Saints victory parade downtown. We had a boatload of people along the route. John and Nancy anchored at Gallier Hall. Also there was our sister company, Horizon Entertainment which has some seven HD cameras and HD satellite production truck on sight to bring us some awesome footage of the passing parade. We had live truck broadcasting further up the route. It wasn’t until close to seven o’clock that the bulk of the parade reached Gallier where our most elaborate equipment was. Management made the call to bump American Idol by one hour and continue coverage from Gallier Hall. The timing of that last hour could not have been much better. The last float with coach Sean Peyton and the Lombardi trophy approached Gallier Hall with 10 minutes left in the hour.We did an evening newscast at nine which was almost entirely a recap of the parade with snippets of footage throughout. Scanners were quiet after the news. I wasn’t feeling very well during the show and afterward. Luckily nothing was going on this evening and Amanda showed up at 11:40 so I didn’t have a problem with leaving a half hour early at midnight. I got a cab in short order and went home to bed.

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