The Good Night

If I remember right, I was up at a more respectable hour this morning. After a visit to Krystle’s mom this morning, we went out to lunch at a new restaurant in Ruston, Portico. Apparently the place was just built and has been very popular. We both found the food to unremarkable and rather expensive, however.After lunch, Krystle gathered some laundry at her place and we paid another visit to her mom’s house. Krystle’s new apartment does not have laundry facilities. We hung around there for a couple hours. I played a couple games of chess with Krystle and later taught her younger brother Jacob how to play the game. Later in the evening we both went back to Krystle’s place for dinner. She cooked steak and potatoes which turned out quite well. Before bed we watched a movie called The Good Night.

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