A Little Shopping

I was about as tardy in getting up today as yesterday. Krystle and I went to Chili’s for lunch and afterward drove out to Monroe to do a little shopping. We went to Academy Sports and I got a couple pairs of jeans. We also stopped at Pier 1 so Krystle could look at furniture and various knick-knacks.After that we went to Best Buy so I could ogle some things myself. I bought a case for my DS since I am actually using it now and taking it with me when I go places. We also stopped at a nearby clothing store and later the mall down the street. We got there 15 minutes before the mall closed at six, however, so that was a wasted stop.When we got back to Ruston we visited Krystle’s mom’s house again. We had some time to kill before meeting some people later this evening. At 7:30, we went to see several of Krystle’s friends at Jessica’s house. A handful of people were there including Krystle’s friend Kristin who was in Ruston for a brief visit. Most of the time was spent chatting, eating and playing Mario Party on the WIi. I believe it was after 12 when we left for the evening. After we got back to her place we realized we had a bit more shopping that needed doing so we made a quick stop at Walmart.

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