Back to Work

We were up for about seven this morning to be out the door at eight. I did not want to have to rush the return trip this time. During my last visit to Ruston I boarded the train about 20 seconds before departure. Today I had even more time to spare than I would have expected.At eight we went to Waffle House for breakfast but Krystle was not feeling well and decided not to eat anything. The two hour drive to Jackson was uneventful. Unlike some previous days, the sun was out today. Just after I arrived at the train station, it was announced that the train would be over an hour late. After parting ways with Krystle I walked over to the Hilton hotel across the street and camped out there with my laptop until noon.Shortly after I got back to the station, the train pulled in and departed around half past 12. In spite of the delay we still arrived in New Orleans “on schedule” at about 3:45. I took a cab from the station to WVUE where I was scheduled to work my regular 5-10 PM shift. The evening passed without incident although I did feel unwell, mostly tired. I finally arrived back home this evening around 11 and promptly went to bed.

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