I slept in today after a night out yesterday and didn’t do much until I had to go to work this evening. Saturday is usually a pretty chill night to work but the station was bustling tonight. The main news set underwent to renovation today with a partial redesign of the backdrops. That work went on through the day and up until just 10 minutes before we went on air. Everyone seems very fond of the new design. The more abstract background partially obscured with panes of frosted glass was replaced with a mural of the New Orleans skyline and flanked darker hued backdrops on the sides. We also debuted new on screen graphics for the show open and supers.In addition to the goings on here at the station, plenty is happening in Miami as well where the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl will be played in the coming week. With the exception of weather personnel, a majority of our talent is in Miami for live broadcasts. John and Nancy are there, the morning crew and all of our sports people.Tonight we did a special hour-long newscast largely comprised of feature stories and live hits from Miami. Shelley was in studio as usual. Shelley opened the show and eventually tossed to John and Nancy. Rob and Kim also appeared on the show and had packages. All three sports guys appeared live in Miami as well. Several of the pieces were about the city of Miami itself and the residents there. I can only assume that sort of exposition will continue as the week goes on. After the show ended, Travis asked me to stay a little while longer and hold down the assignment desk while he took care of something. I was able to leave for the night at 10:20. When I got home I watched the new episode of Caprica I missed a day or so ago. I saw the pilot months ago when it was put out on DVD. This, the second episode was even better. The series does look promising. I also started watching a movie and talked to Krystle on the phone before finally going to bed.

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