No Dancing

It was wet outside throughout the day today. Dad and I made it to the doctor’s office sometime around noon. I got a couple reports ready and shortly before five Dad drove me down Canal Street to catch the shuttle. I either missed it or it was running late. Dad ended up giving me a ride to campus which was a bit of work for Dad with the wet streets and rain. I didn’t get to campus as early as I usually do so I went right to Hebert for my history class this evening. Tonight’s lecture was concerned with World War I as it related to the American Expeditionary Force. Class was dismissed at around eight o’clock.Ballroom dancing was moved to Tuesday this week because there was a special swing dancing event at Reily. I wasn’t in the mood to go to that tonight. Before heading home, I stopped by the library to check out some books. I’m planning on writing a research paper on chemical weapons in the United States for this military history class so I picked up some reference material on that. I caught a cab home from the Boot. I think I watched some TV before heading to bed.

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