Out and About

I took Friday of today to relax a bit and get some laundry done. Overall I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. This evening I heard from Andrey who was organizing a little outing this evening. The turnout was ultimately smaller than he anticipated. Andrey picked me up from home and we drove out to Tulane to pick up Romi.We went from there to La Thai this evening where they were having some event called SiP:PM. The restaurant basically converted to a club with a DJ for the evening. Defend New Orleans was sponsoring the event in some fashion. After an hour or so hanging out there we decided to check out Karma, a recurring party sponsored by a Tulane student organization at Nirvana. When we got to the door we learned there were already some 200 people there… quite a lot for the cramped location. Instead we went to the Ohm Lounge downtown which was comparatively deserted. They had a DJ spinning house music with only a couple patrons and two bartenders there. It was nice being able to stretch out and relax in their “VIP area.” We might have spent an entire hour here before moving on.Our last stop for the evening was Whiskey Blue. I bought a round of drinks and we retreated to one of the seating areas just outside the bar. We were there until around three I think. I took a cab home from the hotel and went to bed. The next place we stopped in to was Le Phare at the Loft 523 hotel. There was a decent but not overwhelming crowd there. It’s a lovely place with interesting, subtle décor and comfortable furniture. After getting drinks we relaxed on what I could only call beds they had situated down opposite the bar. ‘DJ Jive’ was spinning some sort of house music… I think.

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