Fiesta Bowl

I must have stayed up too late last night because I was terribly tired this morning and didn’t feel great through the day. I skipped lunch at the doctor’s office.By this afternoon I felt better. Preparation for the five o’clock news was more lively due to a big development in the Tim Whitmer ‘scandal’ with his resignation after not quite 30 years of service as Jefferson Parish CAO. The evening newscast was delayed this evening by the Fiesta Bowl which we were airing this evening. We had to wait for the football game and post game to show to end before we went on air. We finally did go on shortly after 11. That newscast went just fine. We certainly had enough time to prepare it and we only did a half-hour show.I wasn’t alone long for monitoring the scanners. I was fortunate to have another evening with no shootings or other calamities. I was late in getting to bed this evening. I watched yesterday’s Top Gear episode and found myself playing Nintendo until almost 4 AM.

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