I let a whole week go by without a log entry and I was debating how much time to put into catching up. I’ve decided to do a half-assed job.Last Tuesday, we had a bowl game to wait for prior to going on the air with the late news show finally finished around 11:45. As soon as I was done prompting I learned of a shooting that happened almost an hour before. I elected not to send anyone.On Friday, I received a Nintendo DSi that I purchased the day before. I really didn’t need it but was sufficiently curious about any potential improvements over the DS lite which I have been using frequently with a flash card to play old games with emulators. It’s a very incremental upgrade and not really worth the $170 I paid. It might prove to be more valuable in the future if the homebrew scene can make use of the increased CPU power and RAM. I will probably sell my Lite to offset my stupidity.I worked at the station Saturday and Sunday evening. I spent a good portion of Saturday evening hanging out with the sports photographer, Edwin who was editing a few things. He was following the Cardinals/Packers game with great interest because he and Rob would be flying to the winning team’s city the following morning. Obviously, Phoenix offers considerably better weather. Arizona pulled off a win with a turnover and touchdown in overtime. Edwin had the last laugh after some taunting from other folks in edit world.I went with Andrey and his little brother to Baton Rouge Sunday afternoon to go ice skating. I went with him last year for an evening outing that was pretty fun. I didn’t enjoy myself quite as much this time though. The Centroplex, which we went to last year was no longer open for public skating sessions. Instead, we went to a place called Leo’s Ice Skating & Hockey Complex. They had a full size rink that was nearly overflowing with little kids thanks to a couple birthday parties being held there. The session was well underway when we arrived. The ice was in need of resurfacing and it was littered with children. They were also permitting people to use plastic chairs as walkers on the ice, something I never saw skating on Colorado.After the skating session ended we went to find a place to eat. We ended up at Don’s Seafood and Steakhouse on Airline highway. I had the crawfish etoufee and Andrey and his brother both had hamburger steaks. My food was good and my sample of the hamburger steak was also quite good.Following dinner we drove back to New Orleans. Andrey dropped me off at WVUE for work this evening. Work was not particularly eventful. We had Jonathan Vilma in for Final Play this evening, a first in a couple weeks.

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