Whew Dat

In addition to playing with my computer this afternoon, I also watched the Saints game versus the Washington Redskins. Like last week I was in disbelief but this time for different reasons. Our smack down of the lauded Patriots was pleasantly shocking. Today, our languishing performance but “improbable” comeback win was just as surprising. I didn’t get a headache last week though.I went in to work for five this evening. At around seven, there was a murder on Bass Street in the East. With a few people at the airport for the Saints fans welcoming and a couple other circumstances, we didn’t have any photographers to send out immediately. A couple hours passes before someone was on scene, which no doubt displeased management.The nine o’clock news was plagued with technical issues. During the weather segment, Nicondra’s microphone wasn’t working and the director rolled a commercial break after about 20 seconds with no sound. The problem was fixed and we did another take after the break. There were also a couple instances where talent was on camera where B roll or other video should have been. The Final Play show was plagued by the typical time management problems and general sloppiness. After the Final Play, we recorded morning sports and I was able to go home around 10:40. I had time to play on my computer before bed. I also watched some TV including the season premiere of Shatner’s Raw Nerve.

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