Before leaving for work this I had a couple reports to work on at the doctor’s office this afternoon and I cleared some charts off my desk and filed them. A pizza from Subway was lunch.I was at Fox for four. The five o’clock news appeared to go pretty smoothly although I was printing it and not watching intently. I did not do much to do during the downtime. There were no “rest of” stories needing attention. I mostly nursed my e-mail which is in constant need of culling thanks to the small mailbox size limit.Through “sources,” it was learned that Mitch Landrieu will be announce his candidacy for New Orleans mayor tomorrow. We had a guest for the nine o’clock news, Loyola professor Peter Burns. He and the anchors had a nice chat in the A block (the first segment, before the first break) about the implications. There was also some sports news of personal interest tonight. A high school teacher of mine and football coach, Frank Wilson, has been hired by LSU. He will be their running backs coach and recruiting coordinator.I was at the station until 12:30 AM. Luckily nobody got shot so I didn’t have to wake up any photographers. There were no “good” choices tonight. On the way home, I had an interesting conversation with the cab driver, Eddie. He has a psychology degree and also did paralegal studies. Over the course of our conversation I learned he used to work for an attorney Dad does business with and the driver was actually a patient at our clinic before Katrina.As I was fishing through my wallet pay the driver, he asked if I was on the phone because he said he heard someone say hello. My Blackberry was in my pocket so I dismissed him but when I got out the car and had a look I saw I had inadvertently called Claudia. It’s not the first time my phone had dialed someone in my pocket.I also missed a call back so I called her to apologize. Luckily she was awake and just got off work. We talked for about 20 minutes on how she is doing at WWL-TV. In short, she is doing quite well and seems quite happy there.

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