Still Wet

I don’t remember getting much work done at the doctor’s office today. We were a bit late to arrive though. I went to the station at four this afternoon. John Snell was co-anchoring live from Raceland today to cover the flooding there following a couple days of heavy rain. His feed dropped out once during the show which was unfortunate. Jennifer Hale also had a live shot that dropped as she was wrapping up. Overall though, the broadcast looked pretty good.Between shows I wrote a short story about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s successful test flight today. It went on air almost exactly as I wrote it. Bobby broke my lead sentence into two separate ones. A murder occurred comparatively early this evening but we could not get any details on the incident so it didn’t make air.I was at the desk until 12:30 this evening. Luckily there were no more incidents this evening.

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