More Rain

Most of my time at the doctor’s office this afternoon was spent fooling with medical record copies that had to be sent out. I handled the printing for the five o’clock news at Fox 8 this evening. I didn’t have much to do with the downtime. John and I got dinner delivered from Five Happiness. I had the self-discipline to only eat half of it following pizza for lunch earlier today.The greater New Orleans area was subjected to heavy rain much like what we saw on Saturday. We had some live coverage but the rainfall was not severe enough to cause significant street flooding when we were on air. We had people out until about midnight, however. With a lot of people still on the clock well after we were off the air at 10, I was not alone in the newsroom this evening. John didn’t go home until 11:30, right after a morning show producer, Andrea, arrived early. Kim Vaughn was around too to do live weather updates on the hour. It seemed to rain at the station steadily over the course of the evening and we did get a couple reports of street flooding while I was there. I left at 12:30 and luckily I got a cab in a reasonable amount of time in spite of the weather. I updated my log after I got home and talked to Krystle on the phone briefly before bed.

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