Overall today was what is now a typical Tuesday. I had some work at the doctor’s office this afternoon but not too much. I arrived at WVUE on time and did the reads for the five o’clock show and then printed the 5 while Dana prompted. I satisfied a personal curiosity and timed how much time actual news burned during our hour long broadcast. Excluding commercials, weather and sports, there was just under 25 minutes of real news.I wrote a “rest of” news story to fill some time between newscasts although I gave more attention to my beef teriyaki from Mikimoto for dinner. It was just four sentences about the White House gate crashers. It was good practice though and John Snell and Kim only had minor gripes. I am currently reading a book on broadcast writing which so far has been quite informative. I prompted the newscast which featured some breaking news about a cab driver shooting and a “Heart of Louisiana” package. Near the end, the time management left a lot to be desired. In the H block, several rest of stories were killed and at the end of the show we still had loads of time. Bob Breck took plenty of time for final weather and that still left well over a minute for the show close which featured over a minute of a rather dismal Saints tribute song and a Jefferson Awards graphic and skycam shots after that. All of rest of could have been read in that time.The scanners were quiet during my late night monitoring until I left for the night at 12:30. A cab arrived almost immediately and I had a speedy ride home.

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