Out of Time

I’m writing this entry only the day after and my memory is already largely faded. Before getting ready for work and leaving for the evening I recall mopping the kitchen. Work at Fox was largely uneventful. A bunch of us got dinner from the Italian Pie. I don’t remember any problems with the newscast.There was one significant timing issue with an otherwise smooth Final Play show. John Henry did not have a guest this evening to add any variables but we ran out of time after the C block. There is supposed to be a final goodbye segment, which John teased after he started reading the show closer, but it turned out that there was not enough time for it and the show simply ended. There was a substantive discussion at the end of the show about what exactly happened.I thought I might be partially responsible because I scrolled right passed the black C block tease in the script and the break and started rolling the final show closer which John started reading before corrected himself and said we’d be right back. We still wouldn’t have had time for him to actually come back on air but the end might have looked a little cleaner had I held on the blank script page header.It took a little while to get morning sports ready and I finally left at 10:20. I watched some of this week’s Top gear episode and talked to Krystle on the phone for a little while before heading to bed.

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