13 – 1

I don’t remember much going on this afternoon. I went to Fox for five this evening. The New Orleans Saints played the Dallas Cowboys this evening at the Superdome. WVUE did a three-hour pregame show live from there this afternoon. It was on-going when I arrived and I didn’t have anything to do related to the show. I was also largely free to watch the game in the newsroom tonight. We did a half hour newscast at nine which partially overlapped with halftime.As for the game itself, it appeared to be another instance of the Saints phoning in the first half. Unfortunately they didn’t make things happen until the fourth quarter. Late in the game after the Cowboys missed a field goal and failed to make it a two score game, it looked like the Saints had a chance to score a touchdown and tie the game. It was not to be, however and the 8-5 Dallas team handed the Saints their first loss.Although my weekend shifts usually end at 10, I stayed until quarter to 11 to see the rest of the game. Afterward, I heard from Andrey and agreed to meet him and some friends for drinks at The Cure on Frenchman. After a long wait for a cab I finally got there only to find it was closed for a private party. I called Andrey again and he eventually picked me up and we went to pick up David and then headed to the Monkey Hill Bar on Magazine Street. It’s a nice place but it would have been better with a lighter crowd. We were soon joined by Andrey’s friend John and a couple ladies he brought with him. Andrey had to lave a little after one and I decided to take my leave at the same time. I caught a cab home from in front of the bar.

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