I needed a jump to get my car started this morning to move it out of the way this morning. I had a couple reports to work on at the office which I largely finished. I headed to WVUE at quarter to four this afternoon. Script printing for the five o’clock show was more hectic than usual, largely because Val’s Tim Whitmer stuff which was to lead both the five and 5:30 shows was late arriving.I wrote a “rest of” story for the nine o’clock show that made air. It was a short thing about the Roman Polanski rape case. John took a couple minutes to offer some constructive criticism. I made a couple changes based on his suggestions and it was read as I revised it.After the news I was on duty until 12:30. Luckily nothing of circumstance happened. When I got home I talked to Krystle on the phone for a while before bed.

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