13 – 0

I watched the Saints play the Atlanta Falcons this afternoon. The Falcons aren’t a push over team and again it was no blowout. Atlanta was in the game until the end but a few strokes of luck turned things in favor of the Saints who won 26-23.I went to work for five this evening. As the Saints were playing out of town we didn’t have very much game coverage to worry about. Fin went out to shoot video of the fans greeting players at the Airport and we had the Final Play sports show. I don’t remember any problems with the newscast. Even the sports show was half decent. We didn’t have the same timing problems as the past few weeks, but we did end the show prematurely. John Henry and Vilma could have chatted for about another 20 seconds in the show close.I didn’t have any trouble getting home this evening. A familiar cab driver picked me up after 10. I spent the rest of the evening fooling with instant messenger apps. I tried unsuccessfully to import my Trillian chat logs into Miranda IM and eventually gave up and started using Pidgin again. I talked to Ami online for a good while before bed.

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