I did not go to work today but I did get some things done. This morning I got a haircut after putting it off for a couple weeks. I did have to wait a while to get it done though. I can usually walk in when they open at 10. Today I couldn’t get a place until 10:30 and some confusion prevented me from being seen until quarter to 11. I also made stops a stop at the bank before heading back home. I was planning on stopping at the post office too but Dad graciously agreed to take care of the Christmas cards and gifts I wanted to ship today.This afternoon at home I got some laundry done but I did not have everything done and in order by this evening. Jeff was home tonight for the weekend and we both went out to the AMC quazi-IMAX theater in Elmwood to the 10:45 showing of James Cameron’s Avatar this evening. We arrived 45 minutes early after getting dinner nearby and there were already some 200 people in line to get in. We managed to snag respectable seats up high though. I was expecting a simplistic but gorgeous film and that’s pretty much what we got. This was my first time seeing a feature-length 3D movie. The added dimension was not gimmicky which was nice although many of the seemingly 3D objects were unrealistically out of focus. As for the film itself, it was very pretty to look at. Story wise, it was quite simplistic and a bit trite… Dances with Wolves in space, really.

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