Rained Out

I was at home through the day today. I slept in today after getting home at 4 AM last night. I spent the better part of the day fooling with my computer. I installed Miranda IM because I can skin it to fix the default Aero Glass UI better.There was some serious rain across the city this evening. Streets were starting to flood around four this afternoon. Dad took me over the river at about 4:30 to get me to work. It was raining heavily and Dad had to avoid deep water in the street on several occasions. After taking the Claiborne off ramp we hit the corner of Earhart and Magnolia where the HOV lane ramp is. Just beyond that we saw some very deep water that Dad’s Eclipse likely would not have successfully crossed. We hooked a right along with other smaller cars and headed back to the west bank and back home. I called the station and let them know I was unable to make it to the station. I talked to Allison who seemed pretty understanding. Apparently I wasn’t the only one having trouble. As we were returning we could see water in the drainage canal on General De Gaulle look like it was about to spill into the street.I figured I might make another attempt to get there if the weather let up but it rained continuously through the better part of the evening. I basically spent the rest of the evening on my computer. We had heavy rain and a bit of lightning but we didn’t lose electricity tonight.

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