Dad and I arrived at the office shortly after 11 this morning. I had a little work to do but nothing of incredible circumstance… had lunch from Subway.I got a lift to WVUE for four this afternoon. I printed the 5:30 show which would have been without incident were it not for the sports block, which will apparently continue to be problematic. I had dinner delivered a bit late so Monica agreed to print the nine o’clock so I wouldn’t be tied up before the newscast. I had plenty of time to eat before heading in studio to prompt the hour-long newscast. I suppose it was a slow news day since our lead story this evening was a possible cat killer in Mid City. We also ran packages on the taxicab bureau and a current dust up between sanitation companies and the city of New Orleans over budget cuts.The newsroom did not empty out until after 10:30 which didn’t leave me with much “alone time” tonight. Luckily the scanners were relatively quiet, another night gone by without waking up a photographer.

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