9 – 0

I slept in this morning following a late night last night. I was up I time to see the start of the Saints game versus the Carolina Panthers. It was a good game, but even against the nearly winless St. Louis Rams, they don’t make things easy. The Rams were in the game down to the last play when an incomplete pass in the end-zone could have just as easily been a touchdown to end the Saints’ winning streak. The final score was 28-23.Dad gave me a lift to the station for five this evening. It was a reasonably quiet night with no major news events outside of the Saints’ win. Nicondra picked up dinner for a bunch of us from Hoshun restaurant, a reasonably new place on St. Charles Avenue. I ordered their General Tso’s chicken. It wasn’t bad although I would refrain from passing harsh judgment since it had a long trip.I printed and prompted the nine o’clock newscast without incident. I caught a cab home after 10. I had the same driver as Friday, I think he said his names is James. We had another pleasant conversation on the ride home. I watched some TV before bed this evening.

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