It was past 11 before we got to the office this afternoon. I really didn’t have anything to do this morning… not even busywork. I got a sandwich from Theo’s for lunch before heading to WVUE for the evening. This morning I got a call asking me to come in a bit early at three so I would be ready for the news at four. Now tropical storm Ida was making landfall tonight and they did extended coverage of the storm with a two and a half hour broadcast.Monica printed scripts for what would largely by a live, ad-libbed broadcast. The whole newscast was drawn from “A block” and then the breaks were put in at the producer’s discretion. I ran prompter for the extended newscast although there was no much to do since a majority of the airtime was devoted to Bob Breck and various live remotes from across southeast Louisiana. We had people at the lakefront, lower Plaquemines, St. Bernard, Grand Isle, and Biloxi. Originally they had planned to do three hours of coverage although the weather was not severe in the greater New Orleans area so Mike decided two and a half hours was enough. After the broadcast, I again was largely unoccupied. I had time to update my website. We did not do any additional primetime coverage. We had a regular newscast at nine which went about an hour and 15 minutes. Monica prompted that and I did a little bit of script printing but was still largely unoccupied.A lot of people went home after the broadcast and I was alone in the newsroom until about midnight although Nicondra was in the “weather palace” for a couple hourly updates. There were no major incidents on the scanners, thankfully. I left at 12:30 and got a cab home. The same driver from yesterday picked me up (#220). After I got home I watched The Daily Show and talked to Krystle briefly before bed.

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